White Cop Shot Casey Goodson In Front of His Home

Casey Goodson Jr. was shot and killed as he was about to enter his home in Columbus, Ohio on Dec. 4. Casey Goodson Jr., 23, was at his front door— reportedly with his key in the door’s lock—when he was killed by a Sheriff’s Deputy.

The identified officer known as James Meade, saw a man believed to be Goodson with a gun while driving. This led to Meade approaching Goodson after he exited his car and walked towards his home, where he was shot. Multiple members of Goodson’s family were inside the home at the time.

Family attorney, Sean Walton stated,Casey Goodson has no criminal history was never apart of any gangs or a target of any kind by law enforcement. The Attorney of the Goodson’s family stated that Casey Goodson has licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

The CPD’s statement added that there were “ false reports of a verbal exchange”—though, having noted that no other officers were at the scene, and no civilians witnessed the shooting, it is not clear who made such false reports—and that a gun was recovered from the scene.

narrative. [The police department] hasn’t disclosed how many times he was shot, where he was shot and most importantly what Casey did that led to the officer taking his life,” Walton tells TIME. “The family has no answers and the public has no answers.”

Goodson’s family are disputing law enforcement’s version of events, Walton says. Furthermore, they do not believe Meade’s actions—firing after Goodson had exited his vehicle and was, allegedly, not engaging the officer—were justifiable.

“He wasn’t shot in the car, he wasn’t shot near the car. He was killed as he walked into his home,” adds Sarah Gelsomino, another attorney representing the Goodson family.

Goodson was the oldest of 10 children; according to Walton, he was a father figure for his younger siblings. He had worked as a truck driver but found in recent months that his driving opportunities had slowed down amid the economic impact of COVID-19. He was most recently working at The Gap.

Goodson’s family has been left getting updates from local media, Walton continues—telling TIME that CPD has not provided any further details regarding his death. He also says the family has still not seen his body.

These types of behavior by White Police is totally an act of complete racism and discrimination.A black man is gun down in front of his home,damn! That is really crazy thinking about it.DUMB POLICE!!!

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