White tax Officers & a King at Nighttime gets Awesome

Just came from a workout early Saturday morning in Queens,New York with few well known friends from college.Out of the blue I mentioned the feeling of being a king at nighttime,but my friends took it for laughter as if they knew my thought.

What is up with the laughter,guys!I am dare serious about the king stuff at night.One of my friends by name of Guydee said, “It’s the way you mentioned it out of nowhere,but I got it.Your banging that wife of yours pretty good.”I laughed which isn’t my thought but the fact that he even mentioned my sex with my wife was amusing.

I got off the subject because it seems pointless at the movement and we kept talking on guys don’t and do.As we were discussing that, we noticed something usual but for me it isn’t usual.Guydee said, “Why is this White Police Officer with his patrol car keep following us,it has been following our ever moved.” We all noticed it,but I did far back which was the reason I mentioned king at night.

Tyler said, “This is some real king type stuff for real.It feels like in the kingship I African where you are your own security watching your every steps.But again it the hard struggling Americans sweat wasted on nonsense.I am definitely onto idea that a man as important as the rich in America.” Lol,you took it to a total different level then I was thinking about, but like the rich.

Look bro!Everyday and night I watched this happened as I am leaving my crib for school and on my way to work and all in between.Ray said,“Yo Yo Yo! I am an American and to me that is totally wrong.but again,I am not an Activist,so I totally understand the King mindset.”

Mike said,“I didn’t think you would’ve this much influence or be this influential after college,but I was wrong,you really are.” Well,if you exposing and demanding justice and arrest of Officers,particularly the White Officers.This type of behavior is expected from these officers.

Now why did I mentioned King at king? As I finished whatever I am at night,and driving home,I noticed our own color people seating in their cars with their lights on from one corner to the next all the way to my final destination.It reminds me of someone royal stuff back home.But did I think I will have it done here,now,I am seeing it happened.

Guydee said, “Atleast we know that you represent the struggle and has a presence that is felt and stands for justice and against White Officers brutality on Black and brown people.“ Amen! I said,but remember being king at king is awesome.

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