White People and White Police.We Still Friends Until Someone gets Piss Off

Some of the coolest people I have met in Atlanta Georgia and work with are Whites.They know what I stand for and my expression of displeasure of how White People and White Police ill- treat Black People.

Most will called our relationship as hate and love but actually it is more love than hate from my demand for them to start treating Black people with full respect and not as people beneath them.Do they like how I say it,I don’t care if they do or not.

As they and I work and interact they get to realize that my message isn’t solely hate but solely love with a little message that sound painful.They feel comfortable and safe around me which let them know that a Black man demand for Change doesn’t mean he is living with hatred toward them.

Finally the State of Georgia ran by the White people have processed my driver license that has sat at their fax center for weeks.Being an Activist isn’t as easy especially if you speaking against White People and White police .

I don’t understand why White people feel that they shouldn’t be question at all by someone black especially someone who operates as an Activist.Well,the time has changed where we all working together slowly to build what we called a relationship that treats all black and brown as people of dignity.

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