White People Are The Most Violent Create Among Human Beings

The worst thing I want to do right now is look at worldwide web and watching racist White people ranting about black people and color people. I know that within ever minutes,or seconds, I’ll again be confronted with the video of a racist white police officer kneeling on George Floyd‘s neck. As a Black man,who is an Activist here in New York, I’m overwhelmed with occurrences of the same devastating images over and over again, knowing that any number of black people I love could be next. Many claimed that sharing violent images helps to propel movements. But too much in my earnest opinion can be more damaging to Black People mental health.

White People brutality against African Americans isn’t a new thing. In fact,It dates back to the organization of the first centralized forces created in Boston and New York in the early-to-mid 1800s.These things have always been happening, it’s just that social media has shown deeper light so people can be more exposed to a lot of the things that are happening.

Anyone can visit Facebook and Twitter and watch these videos that carries emotional and overwhelming anxiety for a lot of people. When you look at the responses from the Black people that I interviewed in public, they were terrified.Many people cried when they looked at these images and the memories it brings back of their history and their family histories. These images can pull out trauma that has been buried for years or trauma that is still surfaced in their current emotional state.

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