White Police listening to Black Couple having Sex


Who is surprised by the fact that White Police are eardropping on people of color.I had to share this after I was given the break down.I didn’t think White Police was this mentally retarded til I heard this story.Ear dropping on two black couple in their bed room is retarded to anyone.It makes sense why their mental illness within the police force.

I have heard and read the worst of the worst about white police but this goes show retardation and mental illness to the first degree.Worst case scenario they thought they were embarrassing the couple but instead they were embarrassed themselves.I like how dude puts the story and he called newbie.Having these types  of retard in our Police raises eyebrow.But I like how downplay them once he realized what was happening on his device.

These are the things we must stand and fight for in this country.

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