White Police Officer Shot Cody Amman out of frustration.(Sdwjr.blog)

A 31 year old identified as Cody Amman has died from an unjustified shooting by a White Officer early Friday according to reliable news source.

According to a news source it is believed the Police shot Amman on Boxer Road near the Chara Hills subdivision around about 4:30 pm on Nov.13, according to the Gillette Police departmentis the story is still under investigation.

The officer returned fire after he felt fear-able of his life after he and Amman had an exchange of dialogues.He demanded Amman to put his hands up out of frustration he killed him.where. He was transported to Campbell County Health with unspecified injuries, the statement said.

The man has since died, confirmed Louey Williams, a supervisor with the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI), which has since taken over the investigation.

An autopsy of Amman was completed Monday morning, Nov. 16, said Campbell County Coroner Paul Wallem.

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