White Police Shot A 10 Yrs Old Boy In South Jamaica Afraid For His Life

At 5 a.m. on April 28, 1973, 10-year-old Clifford Glover was shot when he and his stepfather were stopped by two undercover officers, Thomas Shea, and his partner Walter Scott. The two officers believed the boy and his stepfather were guilty of robbery.[1][2] Glover and his stepfather were afraid of the two officers and ran from them, believing they themselves were about to be robbed.[1]

Shea testified that he drew fire on the boy who appeared to have a weapon. Glover was hit by at least two bullets.[2] When Glover was hit, the officers claimed his father took the alleged weapon from him, which was never recovered.[1] According to Scott the boy told him “Fuck you, you’re not taking me”.

Immediately following the shooting, there were several days of riots in the South Jamaicaneighborhood. At least twenty-four people, including fourteen policemen, were injured; in addition, twenty-five protesters were arrested.[4] There were also smaller demonstrations accusing Shea of racism outside the courthouse during the trial.[1] The day after Shea was acquitted, hundreds of people began a riot, turning over cars, breaking windows, and stealing cash registers; one protester was arrested in the aftermath[5] and rioters injured two police officers.[6]

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