You Want to Bring the Greatest out of me,huh?

There is one famous quote written by one of the greatest quote writers of today by the name of SDWJR. It reads “I spent hours and hours learning from others who where aren’t Black and I appreciate it to an extend BUT if you want to bring the GREATEST out of me,bring me,MYSELF.”SDWJR

I believed anyone from any background can relate to this interesting quote because it expressed a clear message that contexturized an experience that is relatable to all.What is he really implying to his readers.He has spent increasingly amount of time acquiring knowledge over knowledge from people who weren’t his own kind or race.

From what we read,it means he is a Black individual from the description of himself or his writings.As we read the quote we can clear see that he mentioned something very unique that most of us will not acknowledge about those who helped us to where we are in life.

He mentioned how appreciative he to all who taught him for hours and hours,which is a very amazing thing to do because those people helped build that knowledge he has.But here come the big twist to that appreciation or acknowledgment that gives this quote a total different meaning.

We read that he appreciated those who educated him about whatever he did learned,he mentioned that it still didn’t push him beyond or he didn’t get push beyond his limit.

He proceeded to say if you really want to see the greatest in me bring me, myself.That kind of throw many people off and it did as well but went he mentioned to bring him to himself.I guessed that he was indicating someone like his own kind.

Initially I was like you are the one writing this quote so how can you request yourself, but as dig deeper and concentrated a little more, it started to make total sense.Basically he is implying that his own kind pushes him beyond his limit.His own kind empowered him to be the greatest.

I thought it was really interesting that his own kind really encouraged him to succeed.He might be right on this one because many of us considered our motivations from people who aren’t like us which isn’t wrong but your own kind is totally different competition.He reminds me of subtle rivalries,and I think that is toughest of competition to be earnest

Now,we know what moves him as a man to become a successful black man or be driven as a black man.We also understand that no other races will do but his own kind that will bring the greatest out of him.Anyone outside of his race will bring less than the greatest.

Inclusion of the quote, and the overall message in it? We have to believe in yourself,and everything that surrounds yourself and it will bring the greatest out of ourselves.

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