1775 Cobb Parkway SE,MARRIETTA, GA (Precision Auto Tune Care) Don’t Bring Your Car Here

This shop is owned by Few White racists who deemed Exploiting Black and Minority women who got no clue on a car. A woman came to this shop because she needed to have her oil change.According to her,she was told she need more repairs before oil change can work.

They charged her $262 to fix the fuel rail pressure sensor and never change the oil and yet charge her.She paid them and drove off.After few days the car started stalling and she told her husband that the shop did a bad job with her car.

Husband did some repairs and realized the fuel rail pressure sensor look damage and noticed a problem.He took the car back to the White Shop and told them the problem instead of fixing it.They took the car and told him they will give him a a call back.

When he got the call back to get the car,he realized the problem wasn’t solved and told them,they demanded if he doesn’t leave they will call the police.He insisted to them that they should call the Police in the video above.

Anyone reading this blog I suggest you Don’t take your car at this shop.They are racist against anyone of color.

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