White People Are The Most Embarrassment of Race Among All Human Beings.Derange Folks.

If nobody knows the depth of the pain and suffering of Black Children,Mothers and Fathers in America,we definitely know who does and it is no other than those White racist clowns.They know the depth of the pain and suffering they’ve afflicted on Black Children,Mothers and fathers.They know how deep those pains and sufferings had created internally and externally among Black People.They foreseen the damages it made on the lives of  Black in America.

It brings them full happiness that keeps them wanting more rather than trying to heal those who they’ve afflicted for no just reasons.They used it as a form of bullying which stay embarrassed those who are Blacks.Whenever they’re confronted,they make excuses that it wasn’t done to remind blacks of White Cruetly in anyways.Those of who knows White People,we know they never reveal their true intention.As we like to say,” Awakening the cruelty done to Blacks,Whites feel like they’ve have true sense of purpose.”We know it makes these White clowns to feel like real human being about themselves while portraying racist hatred.

Who would’ve thought after more than 100 years since the creation of the Aunt Jemima mammy logo, you’d hope that brands would have moved on from using racist stereotypes of Black people in America. Well it seems like that reality is far from happening,in 2019, a well known brand called Gucci launched $890 blackface on Black History Month.A total disregard to the pain and suffering of Black people at the hands of White racists.

This is a simply question and probably a difficult one that anyone will post on their social media with an answer of yes!Do you think Whites want Blacks to forget about humiliation of slavery,if you think so you nothing but A worthless, heartless cold White racist,and if you’re Black or Minority, you’re nothing buy a betrayal or traitor.

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