Racism in America may be far from what it used to be decades ago when segregation was actually legal, but you’d be kidding yourself to think that we don’t still experience it today.

The death of a Black Missouri teenager back in April appears to be racially motivated, especially after the coroner’s initial suicide ruling was dismissed by a Missouri jury that believe his gunshot wound wasn’t self-inflicted and may be linked to a Confederate flag-wielding racist by the name of James Wade.

“On April 23, Derontae Martin attended a party with friends at a rural home in Fredericktown, Mo. The 6-foot, 3-inch 250-pound former high school football star was attending an 18th birthday party for the daughter of James Wade, whose home was adorned with multiple Confederate flags. Wade was known for sharing racially charged posts on white Facebook, including one with a picture of a Black man in chains captioned: “My great great great grandfather’s tractor.” Another meme featured a black dog with the words: “I had a black dog once. I named him Foodstamps.” But Wade insists he is not racist.”

The background info on Wade is enough to make a fair assumption that he definitely has a problem with Black people, even though he told KSDK, “[The racist memes] are already on Facebook, I just shared them, it’s not like I made them up or put them there, right? I’m not a racist.”


The coroner’s report of it being a suicide proved to be questionable from the start, especially due to the fact that one witness statement points to Wade as the killer and Martin’s wounds not lining up with a typical suicide. In short, there was no soot or imprint of the gun’s muzzle found, and gunpowder deposits were also missing as well. Of course, pathologists say the signs of suicide weren’t present due to the coroner cleaning Martin’s body after the autopsy.

After his mother, Kimberly Lotts, had another autopsy performed, it was revealed that Martin was shot from a distance and had methamphetamine in his system — a drug Lotts insists her son didn’t partake in recreationally.

As a new investigation ensues to figure out who killed Derontae Martin, we can only pray that his mother gets the justice their family rightfully deserves in this unfortunate case.

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