A City Where Law Enforcement has Long been Accused of Racism.Activists Demanding Swift Change

MINNEAPOLIS — Nine members of the Minneapolis City Council — a veto-proof majority — pledged on Sunday to dismantle the Police Department, promising to create a new system of public safety in a city where law enforcement has long been accused of racism.

“A Term dumb White Police used my Activist Sdwjr is the exact name for White Minneapolis Police.”SDWJR

According to Activist Sdwjr,for many years as an resident of Minneapolis, he was racially profiled and discriminated against by White Minneapolis Police on countless occasions.One has to do with a stop on 35W South while picking up his oldest brother from Timber Wolve game.

White Minneapolis Police pulled him over,and, he said, “Why did you pulled me over?” Officer said,” We looking for a black Mercedes Benz with few black men inside.” He told the officer “How long have you been doing this job or working this highway?” Officer said,” Long, and I smell weed and alcohol on your breathe,and I will need you to get off the car.”

As the entire conversation was being recorded,Activist Sdwjr said, “I don’t drink or smoke so it can’t be none of that and I got you recorded and I will report this act of racial Profiling to the rightful authority.Immediately,Officer said,” What up with all the questions since I stopped you? Activist Sdwjr said,” Cause you profiled a black man with braid and driving a black Mercedes Benz.”

Officer said,” You have a nice day.” As Actvist Sdwjr drove off,he wasn’t surprised at White Police racial Profiling because as a black man in Minneapolis which is a White ran state,black men are considered target especially those who drives nice cars and living comfortably. At one point he was stopped 67 times in one single year just cause of his appearance.

“There is great level of support to this madness among these White racist Police in Minneapolis.A change is needed from top to the bottom.” SDWJR

Saying that the city’s policing system could not be reformed, the council members stood before hundreds of people gathered late in the day on a grassy hill and promised to begin the process of taking apart the Police Department as it now exists.

For activists who have been pushing for years for drastic changes to policing, the move represented a turning point that they hope will lead to a transformation of public safety in the city.

Protesters’ cries to defund or abolish the police are often not meant literally. Rather, they are demands to rethink a law enforcement system from the ground up and to grapple with deeply ingrained issues, including employing officers who do not live in the city they police — as is done in Minneapolis — and sending armed officers to respond to situations that turn out not to be crimes, as when a mentally ill person is in distress.

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