Imagine listening to a black person telling us not all White People are racist like they been knowing these people all their entire lives.How many of us have listened to others giving us advise not to address all White People as racist.I once heard someone calling a black person racist simply cause to mentioned all White People are extremely racist.They are racist.

Calling all White People racist in public is a bomb have dropped in their mist.Infact,who gives these house niggas the right to question Black People who wants call all Whites racist.Let get this straight, if you want to think not all Whites aren’t racist then go ahead and think that but that thinking has no impact on the bloody history in this country we watch Oklahoma, Tulsa.

Not believing that all White People aren’t racist is like giving Hitler and Nazi the power to destroy the world and you think it is ok..Again,you have right to believe what you want to believe but we all know all White People are racist.They’ve shown it too many times in his country.They’ve killed Blacks to proof all Whites are racist.It is their true motives and intensions.

I’ve been asked by few Whites why do I called all of them racist.I said get away from me with that stupid question.The WORLD knows it and that settle it.We believe it and nothing will change it.All White People are racist which is a serious problem for other race of people.This ignorant like behavior have destroyed all lives for many years in this country.

All White People are racist.If the majority were not racist.Thrn Those Majority who control the power structure should stop destroying the Black people privately and and publicly and give each the same statue of protection and decent wages like they do White raists.Since that isn’t happening it should be enough ground to say all Whites are racist.

Everybody knows that they’re extremely racist but the few house niggas and sellout refused to acknowledgeit..I know that for a fact and so is the rest of the World. White People are racist.I be the one say first with no hesitation.HOW CAN YOU KNOW NOT SAY ALL WHITES ARE RACIST?Are you afraid to answer being that you always around them?There comes that the favorite line,not all White People are.Some even would say all their friends are White and they never notice or heard anything negative of black people.

Tactically it isn’t a comparable question if all Blacks are racist because racism was never black people issues but Whites.They introduced this as their behavior towards blacks.Actually all Blacks should be racist against these cruel group of people who keeps suppressing them for their own self contentment..

Found out the reason why most blacks defend Whites who are racist.They fear the Unknown which I don’t understand and never want to understand because the true is in black history.

I know for a fact that all Whites are racist according to black history.Quite often people make excuses for White people like they truly know these people motives.

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