Don’t Hesitate To QUESTION All WHITE PEOPLE State of Mind.

White People claimed there is no such thing as White or Black America.”They don’t believe in discriminating against other people,and they see all as Americans.” It sounds good with a great smile and handshakes but bad in their actions.They are known for  great headline speeches but void action towards it.

“It sounds good with a great smiles and handshakes but bad in hidden action.”Sdwjr

White People are the most inconsistent human beings,who talks have never line up with their secret agendas.We have a bigger problem at hand if black people keep listening and believing these psychic jokers who claimed to be about others but actually themselves.

“They imposed distasteful laws but exempt themselves from all.” SDWJR

Institutional racism best known as Systemic Racism has been existing through laws.It was established by them to discriminate against those they claimed are Americans  as them.In speech,but by the application of the law it isn’t so.Don’t hesitate to question all White people state of mind.

“Don’t hesitate to question all White Americans State of Mind.”SDWJR

They claimed, we are all Americans til we experienced the criminal justice system,employment,housing,health care,politic power,and education,among other things.In my earnest opinion,White Americans have a retarded mind and dubious behavior.

“Say one good thing but do many bad things.”Sdwjr

White America have this believe ingrained, there is little to no empirical evidence that they can suffer systemic discrimination.There is absolutely no influence from ethnic minorities that can damage the interests of whites.They have created a system that keeps them dominant over others they considered are all Americans.

“White People behave like a bad bodily fluid in and out of the human body.”Sdwjr

I like how Carmichael and Hamilton addressed the mental state of White People when it comes to institutional racism.They addressed them as prey,and I think we must all see institutional racism as a prey system.White People preying on other race of people without it getting notice publicly.

“White People are the devil or like the devil as Malcolm X stated is shown through their laws.”SDWJR

My advise to anyone reading this blog is to be extremely watchful when dealing with anyone White.Their speech and actions are never stable.PLAY IT SAFE!!!

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