Hey,I love it.We worth it.Don’t Judge me

Have you sat in front of a television watching a movie and you begin to cry like it was real.Tears dripping from your cheek like something terrible had happened, and it is all because of what you’re seeing right before your eyes,and you can help it but cry.

It was very same way alot of us felt when we watched the death of the late George Floyd.So.e couldn’t believe their eyes, and some couldn’t contained themselves,and why other like me just couldn’t take it anymore.I had to do some out of ordinary.

I left infront of the television,and got my clothes on and when to walmart and purchased few cans of paint and sprayed my truck with all those words we heard from Activists and protesters.My emotions were flying to high that I had get involve with movement.That opened the door that I could be apart of real change.

I had no regrets on what I did and I know alot of people who stood up for what was right without any guilty conscious for the mere fact that someone knelt on a human being neck who couldn’t breathe and screaming for help and that White Officer refused to move his kneel off his neck.

From what I saw live on television I became an immediate Activist across New York City.It was an experience that I will forever cherish because it enables me to be apart of standing and fighting against injustices of all kinds.Hey,don’t hate or judge me.I AM human like with a heart and emotion .

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