REVERSE RACISM does work AGAINST whitish people.I USE IT NOW.(series 1)

I heard a New reporter saying the impact that reverse racism could’ve on this community if use well. Did he say use well? Oh, Lord! I’ve been searching for years and I mean it for a solution for those so called immune Whitish, who they claimed they’re immune to racism and it is black man’s syndrome . Once he said reverse racism, Well, let see if this really a black man’s syndrome as they say. I felt like an instant research Black Doctor Bee with ideas as what is going to work best. I Jumped online and did my research, and noticed few definitions were blurry, and didn’t give me the hot chill feeling I thought it would’ve on me. I dropped it and decided to take a different approach which was aka Mr. Google.

Eagerly, I got on Google searching for the full meaning of reverse racism that will solve these pissy Whitish people problem since they claimed to be immune with threshold of never realizing racism. Their results was disappointing I mean frustrating . A Whitish version instead of the version we all have known. I took a different route by using and as always, it gave me the simplest meaning. A major deduction from me and major addition to

I rephrased the original version to avoid copywritten laws, “Reverse racism is often called out whenever a whitish person feels discriminated against because of their pissy racist action. The problem with this notion is that Whitish people know their actions are pissy racist but try to resent anyone who does it back to them.

Now, I am caught in the middle of how and I going to make this work since I don’t know what racism really feels like other than what I’ve seen, I’ve read or heard from others who are Black Americans. Regardless of lack experience, I felt like I had a good way to effect this against Whitish People who claimed they don’t know anything about racism. Got to the drawing board, rather then doing it from the Black Americans’ perspective, decided to do it from an Activism perspective instead.

Then came the George Floyd’s death,an opportunity to confront Whitish People racial injustice against Black but also address a how White police handle Black people in black communities.I established myself by leading the BLM Movements in Manhattan with the goal to stand out as a racist against Whitish and White Police. A method that will live on if this George Floyd momentum dies.I needed to establish this in the minds of Whitish and White Police officers asap. I got up one morning and Painted my Black Truck with Blacklivesmatter! Dumb White Police! No justice No Peace! Defund White America.

It began to get noticed as I drove around by

New York from White NYPD, White FDNY, Nassau County Police, Suffolk County Police and then others took noticed and that was the perfect jump start I needed. I followed it with my instagram posting saying all Black Men are better than all White Men. That post didn’t go well and I got my perfect opportunity to explore the impact of reverse racism.

All cities and States in America I enter, some police department or fire department will be on the lookout. I’ve visited the top major States and cities in America during Geirge Floyd’s moment or BLM went it comes racial injustice against blacks. Each of those States have allocated funds to have people follow us, as well as the Police and Fire trucks. Right now as I am writing this, it is constant occurrence of happening. Reverse racism does work if people know how to effect it in drastic manner. it does work. I’m using it,today

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