“The man of the peoe of New York.”Cuomo was only brought down because he had so many political enemies and not because of AG sexual harassment report, say Albany insiders

“I’ve told men of power that women should be address with no smile.”

Women have been known to be notorious liar,and extremely believable breed of human being while concealing their intentions.

Gov.Cuomo is a great leader and a great man who cares about the well being on his people and the State of New York.He demonstrated his leadership during COVID-19. Well hold him as man of the people of New York.

The Governor resigned on Tuesday, a week after being labeled a serial sexual harasser by Attorney General Letitia James

Andrew Cuomo was only brought down because of the number of enemies he’d made politically over the years, and not because of the Attorney General’s sexual harassment report, insiders in Albany have claimed

She said that he’d sexually harassed 11 women and created a ‘toxic work place’. 

Some of the allegations are that he physically assaulted women, including an aide who says he stuck his hand up her blouse in November 2020. 

Others are based on public comments he made, like telling the doctor who gave him his COVID test that she made the PPE gown ‘look good’ – something he did in the glare of the world’s media, when millions were tuning into his press conferences every day.

He maintains that he didn’t touch anyone and that the public comments were ‘jokes’ which do not amount to sexual harassment and are inappropriate at worst.  

Others, like FOX host Tucker Carlson, agree with Cuomo that the AG report is shaky and that a lot of the evidence is lacking. 

In a New Yorker piece that was published on Friday, one unnamed Albany official said: ‘Talk about reaping what you sow. He is reaping a lifetime’s worth of bad will.’ 

Boylan, one of the women who accused him in the AG report, said he is a ‘master manipulator’ who took years to bring down despite widespread claims of bullying. 

‘It was worth the wait. It was worth the wait to be able to counter this master manipulator who doesn’t care about truth, who doesn’t care about fact, who doesn’t care about abuse. It had to be airtight,’ she said. 

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