It is extremely hypercritical that people can convince themselves and their followers into believing that they are real Activist simply because they’re involve into something that has to do with change.

In the world today, there are too many self proclaimers who professes to be about change for whatever reasons. They will post very appealing information of picture convincing their followers and the public as to why their fight for whatever reasons must be supported at all cost.

The most famous quote by Activist Sdwjr “Proclaiming a message about a cost that you’re apart or deem unjust is never a reason to claim Activism ship or the name Activist.”

There is a broad definition of what is an Activist and anyone who follows that pattern is consider one. If that is all people need to do to be call an Activist.Then That’s insane! That’s all that makes you an Activist.

“Standing on the podium on speech day don’t make you the speaker my friend.” A famous quote according to Activist Sdwjr.

There are many self proclaimed Activists who never be arrested and charged for what they stand or fight for. But they’re called Activist which is total out of the realm of it.

” Posting popular Jesus or Christ don’t make you like popular Jesus or Christ.” Sdwjr

According to Google in a paraphrase version, to be an activist is to act on behalf of solving social and political issues, it is to be at the forefront of a movement, often times compromising your own life in order to seek justice for other people often times not even a family members.

Anyone who has dedicated themselves on behalf of social and political issues have been arrested, falsely charged or face possible jail time. If they haven’t faced any one of the above situations they are not an Activist and they need to quit claiming they’re.

Therefore professing to be an Activist kind of like Malcolm X, Dr. MLK, Nelson Mandela, John Lewis and Activist Sdwjr, it means you’ve gone through an arrest, false charge or possibility jail.

“If you haven’t faced any one of the above situations you are not an Activist and you need to quit claiming you’re.”Sdwjr

In reality, people should understand that we actually need the activists. We need them to talk to us, to push us, teach us, defy us, contradict us. They make us think differently, with a accelerated sense of urgency, and they force us to be better.

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