“No way. We wanted pure Japanese, or as a compromise, at least a Japanese-speaking ‘hafu (half-Japanese)’ like Rui Hachimura,” another tweet said.

“They hardly speaks Japanese, and they are not pure Japanese,” one tweet read.

Children from mixed race families in Japan, often called “hafu,” or half, account for about 2% of babies born every year.

They are often chided for not being “fully Japanese” or bullied for looking different.

Osaka and Hachimura, both of whom have one foreign parent and one Japanese parent, were cheered warmly by many even as some nationalists pounded them online for not being “pure Japanese.”

They are often chided for not being “fully Japanese” or bullied for looking different.

Many critics posting online suggest they define “Japanese” as those whose parents are both Japanese and speak the language perfectly.

Many consider those born and raised in Japan, such as Hachimura, as Japanese, but think of Osaka, who grew up mostly in the United States and doesn’t speak fluent Japanese, as more Japanese-American.

There were also complaints about Osaka’s support of the Black Lives Matter movement and her comments about mental health.

“If asked if I’m Japanese or American, I choose neither. I was born and grew up in America I am bicultural. I cannot choose one or the other,” Osaka said. “I’d say, `I’m just me being mixed.'”

Tanzania First-Ever Woman President Makes History In The Eastern African Nation

It’s not a good day for me to talk to you because I have a wound in my heart,” Hassan said in her maiden speech on March 19. “Today I have taken an oath different from the rest that I have taken in my career. Those were taken in happiness. Today I took the highest oath of office in mourning.”

Magufuli died on March 17 at the age of 61 from the heart disease that plagued him for a decade. Prior to that, he hadn’t been seen in public since February 27, sparking rumors that he contracted COVID-19.

Under Tanzania’s constitution, Hassan will serve the remaining years of Magufuli’s second five-year term that will end in 2025.

Hassan, who is born in Zanzibar and a mother of four children, has years of experience in public service. She once became a project manager for the UN’s World Food Programme, took a seat in Zanzibar’s House of Representatives, and served as local government minister for youth employment, women and children and for tourism and trade investment and also became a Minister of State for Union Affairs.

In 2015, Hassan was chosen by Magufuli as his running mate for her passion and intelligence, according to reports. She then became the first female vice president in the country.

Now, analysts say Hassan’s leadership will most likely be tested on her response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which was openly dismissed by Magufuli who urged the citizens not to wear masks and denounced the vaccines as a Western conspiracy.

Hassan, who has been known for her gentleness as opposed to her predecessor, has also shown support to women and girls ever since and inspires them to reach their dreams.

“I may look polite, and do not shout when speaking, but the most important thing is that everyone understands what I say and things get done as I say,” Hassan said in a speech last year.


Angie Jones, senior director of Developer Relations at Applitools and Test Automation University, traveled to an unnamed location for a fun time away with her girlfriends but the group reportedly was met with trouble as soon as they tried to board the plane.

Angie Jones, senior director of Developer Relations at Applitools and Test Automation University, traveled to an unnamed location for a fun time away with her girlfriends but the group reportedly was met with trouble as soon as they tried to board the plane.

The “Java Champion,” who holds 26 patented inventions in the United States of America and Japan in addition to being an IBM Master Inventor, was caught off-guard by her tweet’s viral status, after being shared over 32,000 times, and took the high road when responding to her naysayers.


“I’m terrified to take my dog for a walk, because what if someone sees me go into a home and realizes it’s where I live. So, sometimes I’ll drive him over to a remote field or something just to play with him. But it’s still hard. There’s a beautiful hiking trail that I’d love to take him on. I can’t take him there because I’m terrified to go into the woods with him anymore.”

White Racist Queen from “Central Park Karen,” who called police officers and falsely accused a Black man of threatening to assault her and her dog when he did no such thing, has stated in a recent interview that she did so after she “explored all my options.”

Earlier this year, BLACK ENTERPRISE reported that misdemeanor charges filed against Amy Cooper, a white woman dubbed “Central Park Karen,” had officially been dropped after being filmed last year in a viral video calling the police and falsely accusing a Black bird watcher of “threatening” her. Cooper was facing up to a year in prison on a single charge of falsely reporting an incident in the third degree.

The incident took place in May 2020 in New York City’s Central Park after Cooper called the police department and made a false complaint, saying a Black man was “threatening me and my dog” after the man asked her to leash her dog. Christian Cooper, an avid bird watcher, asked the woman, Amy Cooper (no relation), to put a leash on her dog as required by the park rules.

According to The New York Post, in a podcast conversation, Cooper claimed she had exhausted “all options” before she decided to call 911 on Christian Cooper, a Black birdwatcher, last year and that she is “terrified” to walk her dog in public now.


“Nothing surprises me about White People lying or making everything about them.They have been lying before I was born and they will keep lying after I am gone.A least concern of mine,I am focused on my people.”Gwen Berry

Who controls the White News media,and the oppression of other races in America? The answer is obvious,White People.Anyone who stands for Blacks and Minorities and exclude White people,they become an enemy.These are their methods of control They’re known for playing the victim roles to get attention from others.

This the land of the free.Nobody tells me or demand me to do anything. I do what I think is best for my people and raising my fist up for justice was a way of showing my support for our fight as Systemic racism.I don’t regret doing it and I will do it anywhere and at anytime.

911 Isn’t For Black People. Family demands Answer After White Police SHOT BLACK Man

The family of a Repentigny, Que., man who died after police shot him three times in the stomach is blaming anti-Black racism in the city’s police force for his death. Marie-Mireille Bence, the mother of the victim, says she called police because her son was having a mental health issue. 

Blame racism for his death according to the Family of Black man fatally shot by police in Repentigny, Que.911 is not for Black people,’ says mother who called for help getting son to hospital

The family of a Repentigny, Que., man who died after police shot him three times in the stomach on Sunday are blaming anti-Black racism in the city’s police force for his death and are demanding justice.

Marie-Mireille Bence, the mother of the victim, called police Sunday morning asking them to bring her son, Jean René Junior Olivier, 37, to the hospital because he was having a mental health issue.

Q”He told me he was seeing people around him, people wanting to hurt him,” Bence told reporters alongside her family at a news conference Monday afternoon

Instead of helping him, Bence said, six police officers arrived at her doorstep and shot him in the stomach. When police arrived, he had been holding a dinner knife, but the family said he had dropped it.

“He threw the knife on the ground and that’s when they shot him. They shot him three times,” Bence said.

“They’re criminals. They killed my son,” she said. “I called them for help and they showed up and killed him. I find it absurd because there were other ways of dealing with this, of bringing him under control.”

According to Bence, she and her brother asked Olivier to give them the knife. When he refused, she called the police, specifying that she wanted help transporting him to hospital.

“I didn’t want him to hurt himself, but look at where that left me,” she said. 


A Forest Hill police officer shot and killed a murder suspect in June who posed no threat and was as far as 20 feet away at the bottom of a steep embankment, according to an investigation by Texas Rangers.

The officer, 23-year-old Logan Barr, was arrested on a charge of aggravated assault by a public servant, booked into the Tarrant County jail and released on bond about nine hours later.

On June 9, at about 5:30 a.m., police responded to a report of a woman who was stabbed and later died in the Quik Trip parking lot at 6549 Wichita Street.

The suspect, 32-year-old Michael Lee Ross Jr., was found just north of the store in a creek at the bottom of an embankment.

Ross was holding a knife and refused orders to drop it.

A sergeant fired several shots from a less-than-lethal shotgun at Ross but he continued holding the knife. The sergeant asked Barr to also get his less-than-lethal shotgun.

Barr retrieved his regular shotgun instead.

“Shotgun deployed,” Barr said on the radio.

“Shoot him,” the sergeant told Barr.

Ross was “still unsteady on his feet, with his pants down around his thighs, turning and walking away from the officers’ position,” the Ranger wrote, describing the body-cam video.

About 16 seconds later, Ross turned back around and faced the officers but was still 15-20 feet down a muddy embankment with his hands at his sides.

Barr fired two shots in “quick succession” and Ross collapsed to the ground.

MUST LOVE OUR BLACK FEMALE LEADER OF JUSTICE Reps. Cori Bush, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar Sleep Outside of Capitol to Protest End of Eviction


Congresswomen Cori BushIlhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley slept outside the U.S. Capitol on Friday night to protest the end of the federal eviction moratorium, which expired on Saturday at midnight.

“It’s not OK to just sit back and allow 7 million people, possibly upwards of 7 million people to be at risk for eviction in a little more than 24 hours,” Bush told WUSA at the Capitol overnight. “We can’t just sit back and allow that. As a sitting member of Congress, it’s our duty — it’s my duty, to make sure that I’m representing everyone in my district.”

House Democrats tried on Friday to get enough votes to pass a bill that would extend the freeze until Oct. 18, although the session was adjourned for a summer recess without success in extending the measure as Republicans objected.

The freeze on evictions was enacted by the Centers for Disease Control last year amid the pandemic to keep Americans in their homes as the unemployment rate skyrocketed. The Biden administration had previously extended the moratorium by a month.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s July 5 Household Pulse Survey, 3.6 million Americans said they could face eviction in the next two months, and 7 million people say they are behind on rent.

Bush, a Democratic Missouri representative whose district lies mostly in St. Louis, tweeted prior to the moratorium’s expiration, urging that it be extended. “Millions are at risk of being removed from their homes, and a Democratic-controlled government has the power to stop it,” she wrote, above an image of herself, Democratic Rep. Pressley of Massachusetts, and Minnesota Rep. Omar outside of the Capitol. “Extend the eviction moratorium now.”

First Black Judge In U.S. History for the Federal Circuit

Attorney Tiffany P. Cunningham made history earlier this week as the first Black judge in U.S. history for the Federal Circuit, a federal appeals court. 

“This is a truly historic confirmation—Ms. Cunningham will serve as the first Black judge on the Federal Circuit.  She will not only bring much-needed diversity to the bench, but she will bring impeccable credentials as well,” Senator Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) said in a statement. He continued, “I’m pleased my colleagues joined me in a bipartisan manner in support of Ms. Cunningham’s nomination.”

C-SPAN Producer Craig Caplan confirmed the news in a Twitter post, revealing that Cunningham is also “the third U.S. Circuit Court judge and eight federal judges overall to be confirmed by the Senate during the Biden Administration.” In a later post, Caplan noted that 14 Senate Republicans, including Marco Rubio of Florida, Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst of Iowa, and Richard Burr and Thom Tillis of North Carolina, voted in favor of the 45-year-old and she is one of three Black women to be “confirmed to these Circuit Courts.” 

Minnesota White Man Angry Over BLM Yard Sign Use His Truck,and Ram the Vehicle Into Black Man’s Home

A Black Minnesota family feels they have been let down by police after a stolen vehicle with a granite block on the accelerator crashed into their home this month, as the man arrested on charges of being behind the crash already had been charged with violating a restraining order four times.

On Saturday, July 24, the vehicle smashed into the Cold Spring home of Phillipe and Andrea Robinson, about an hour northwest of the Twin Cities. Inside the SUV, a teddy bear was hanging from a noose, and the vehicle hit the home hard enough to do significant damage to the outside of the house as a child was sleeping inside a room not far from the impact. The Robinsons’ Ring camera captured video of the vehicle barreling into the home.

According to Stearns County Court records filed on July 26, Benton Beyer, a 32-year-old Richmond, Minnesota, man, was charged with felony theft of his roommate’s truck, stalking, first-degree damage to property with potential risk of bodily harm and violating a restraining order in connection with the crash. He appeared in court on Tuesday.

Andrea is white and Phillipe is Black. “How do I supposed to feel safe?” Phillipe said, speaking CBS Minnesota. “My wife, my children don’t want to stay here, and I understand.”

QThe family says Beyer had been harassing them for months before the abuse finally escalated. A restraining order preventing Beyer from having direct or indirect contact with Andrea for two years was filed on May 21. Since then, the order has been violated four times, and police have filed 18 calls in the past two months about Beyer harassing her.

The family says the harassment started after they put a Black Lives Matter sign in their yard and posted a video about racism in their children’s school.

Police said they will pursue hate crimes charges against Beyer if there is enough evidence, but the family doesn’t feel confident in the authorities and claimed that they gave up searching for Beyer because the cornfield he fled the scene to was wet and difficult to navigate, and that he was only captured when a neighbor turned him in.

1775 Cobb Parkway SE,MARRIETTA, GA (Precision Auto Tune Care) Don’t Bring Your Car Here

This shop is owned by Few White racists who deemed Exploiting Black and Minority women who got no clue on a car. A woman came to this shop because she needed to have her oil change.According to her,she was told she need more repairs before oil change can work.

They charged her $262 to fix the fuel rail pressure sensor and never change the oil and yet charge her.She paid them and drove off.After few days the car started stalling and she told her husband that the shop did a bad job with her car.

Husband did some repairs and realized the fuel rail pressure sensor look damage and noticed a problem.He took the car back to the White Shop and told them the problem instead of fixing it.They took the car and told him they will give him a a call back.

When he got the call back to get the car,he realized the problem wasn’t solved and told them,they demanded if he doesn’t leave they will call the police.He insisted to them that they should call the Police in the video above.

Anyone reading this blog I suggest you Don’t take your car at this shop.They are racist against anyone of color.




Nobody earnestly hates anyone but the message they carry and that’s what other people hate.It doesn’t matter if the message benefits other people as long as it exposes other people then the message  becomes hateful.

Imagine those who arose with a message such as don’t removed the Bible from public schools.That wasn’t a negative but positive message,and they were hated for saying it.Right here in this country.I mean hated.

You made be like well that is a hateful message to keep the Bible in public schools went it affects other people faith.Well,Jack! This is America! The land forth fathers wrote and put that into law and public schools before you or whomever was born.

I will never be convinced that the presence of the Bible in our public schools had a negative connotation.I know it serves as a defensive magnetic for youth in that it gives them a second positive thought at the close of school day between good and evil.

Have you sat for however long and wondered why our youths are getting mentally divided on what is a moral normalcy when it comes to relationship and building families? Absence of a healthy spiritual truth as the Bible can be a reason of this division.

A success of any Nation must be based on what a Nation stands for Spiritually and physically.A Nation without such a balance is a Nation where its people are just freelancing.Don’t ask me if I think Americans are confused, I know they’re for removing the Bible in Public schools.


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