Sex workers are sending a message to our young girls that selling their bodies for money, ok! Prostitution is part of being feminist! #FOC

LGBTQ+, immigrant rights, harm reduction and criminalIf you ask 100 sex workers why they work in the business, you’ll get 100 different answers. Some enter the industry by force, some are in it for the money, and others genuinely enjoy the work. Moving this large, diverse industry online has fundamentally changed how sex is bought and sold, generating benefits as well as horrible costs.The problem with Sex work as it relates to the economic of today as most economist called it a “matching” problem. Buyers and seller couldn’t find each other before the internet existed, it was extremely difficult for these people to connect. Even Regionally trade for sex was limited and advertising in local paper was a serious risk. That also ushered in illegal sex trade, illicit businesses and violence and force contracts. As time fast forward to the 20th century,There are low-end prostitutes who walk the street and work with pimps on one end, and high-end escorts who work for agencies on the other. But on the internet, sex workers found they could advertise to many more potential customers, and all segments of the market moved online, though they might advertise in different places.

The Internet Open A Can Of Worm

The internet doesn’t just help workers advertise more widely. Sex workers gather on message boards where they share strategies, pricing, and warnings about bad customers. For their part, customers post detailed reviews on sites like The Erotic Review. The combination of these sites brings buyers and sellers together far more efficiently than before. Services are bundled, search costs are lower, and verifiable reputations for everyone involved bring greater transparency to a previously opaque industry.Craigslist and Backpage are the most popular sites that cater to the low-end market, while Eros is the best-known site on to the higher end, though there is often overlap.

Is selling sex online safer?

Another fear is that a purported client might be an undercover cop. When asked, sex workers are divided on what’s a bigger worry, violent psychopaths or the police. What isn’t in doubt is that sex workers now use technology to make themselves safer from both, mostly through better screening.Screening lets a sex worker learn more about a new client’s background and intentions before agreeing to meet with him. Informal examples include asking for letters of reference, calling him at work, doing background checks, and talking extensively via email and the phone. Formal examples include designated third-party services like Preferred411 or shared “whitelists” of approved clients.


Whitelists have always been around in the business of sex work and prostitution industry, but until the internet came along they weren’t as widely shared.It seems sex workers are safer despite engaging in more encounters thanks to the internet.They also found that Craiglist’s service was associated with a higher probability of escorts working independent of an agency and more “incalls,” in which a client travels to meet a sex worker.

How the internet changed the price of sex

These women are making rag to riches overnight and there is no way they’ll stop exchanging sex for money. According to a guardians new interview with Mariah “I will also look at the places that I travel to for work, go to the ads on or, and then check out their websites,” she said. “Most girls will have their prices listed.” Prices are cheaper in the Midwest, at about $200 an hour, but on the coasts she charges $260.

egularly checking market conditions allows Elle to increase her prices. Unlike women in most industries, Elle is always aware what others are paid, and this empowers her to set prices that suit market conditions. Of course, unlike other markets, sex services are unique. Prices matter, but providers offer enough of an idiosyncratic service that there is less pressure to undercut the competition at the margin, by offering $299 instead of $300 per hour, for example.

As the market has grown, different price tiers have emerged for different segments. Data from The Erotic Review reveal a multi-tiered market, with prices clustering around even numbers such as $200, $250, and $300 per hour.

Illegal sex work has become safer, easier, and more profitable. Is that a good thing?

Backpage has been sued multiple times for featuring trafficked minors in its listings. In January, the US Senate released a report (pdf)—“’s Knowing Facilitation of Online Sex Trafficking”—that detailed the extent of the problem, based on a two-year investigation. It noted that 73% of trafficking tip-offs to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children from the general public involved Backpage.

Shortly after the report, BackPage shut down its adults-only section. Backpage claims it cooperated with law enforcement and was often used as a tool to uncover human traffickers. Other websites make similar claims. The Erotic Review also pledges a zero-tolerance policy for reviews involving human trafficking or minors, and claims to cooperate with law enforcement when it finds offenders.

What do I think about it?

If you ask 100 sex workers why they work in the business, you’ll get 100 different answers. Some enter the industry by force, some are in it for the money, and others genuinely enjoy the work. Moving this large, diverse industry online has fundamentally changed how sex is bought and sold, generating benefits as well as horrible costs.

John Singleton Suspicions Arise Over His Death … Family Hires P.I.


6/7/2019 1:00 AM PDT

The hours leading up to John Singleton‘s hospitalization, which preceded his stroke and eventual death, are unaccounted for … according to members of his family circle who are digging for answers.

Sources close to the famed filmmaker tell TMZ … some of the mothers of his children are very suspicious of the events leading up to John checking himself into the hospital in mid-April. As we reported, he had just returned from a trip to Costa Rica at the time.

We’re told nobody seems to know how Singleton got to the hospital — he didn’t drive himself, no friends or family are saying they took him, and there are no Uber or Lyft receipts to confirm how he arrived.

Even stranger … our sources say hospital staff told family members John just sort of appeared out of nowhere in a wheelchair … and he seemed pretty out of it.

TMZ broke the story … Singleton was experiencing leg pain when he checked himself in, and then he suffered a massive stroke while hospitalized on April 17. He remained in a coma until his death on April 29 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A.

Our sources say the mothers of John’s children believe there’s more to the story, and that’s why they’ve hired a private investigator. We’re told they want to know what John was doing beforehand, who he was communicating with, and whether someone knew he was in bad shape and could have done something sooner to help him.

Meanwhile, John’s family also seems to be on the brink of a nasty legal war.

His mother, Shelia Ward, just filed docs this week to immediately take control of his estate, claiming someone close to him took stuff out of his locked office and his other valuable property is at risk.

We got this wrong’: TMZ offers rare apology to T.I. for story on sister’s autopsy results

TMZ is the cornerstone of celebrity gossip, literally standing for the “thirty-mile zone,” a reference to Hollywood’s historic “studio zone.” But the media outlet reaches far beyond that, covering stars’ most intimate details unapologetically from coast to coast.

T.I. wearing glasses and looking at the camera: Prosecutors this July charged rapper T.I. with simple assault, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct following an altercation outside his Atlanta area home in May 2018. © Charles Sykes/Invision/AP Prosecutors this July charged rapper T.I. with simple assault, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct following an altercation outside his Atlanta area home in May 2018.

Until now.

In a rare move, TMZ issued a public apology to T.I. for publishing his sister’s cause of death after the Atlanta rapper blasted the gossip outlet for “profiting off of people’s pain.”

His older sister, Precious Harris Chapman, 66, died in Atlanta in February following a car accident that was triggered by an asthma attack. Her toxicology results were released by the Fulton County Medical Examiner Thursday and reported by TMZ.

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T.I. took to social media shortly afterward in an NSFW Instagram Live to slam TMZ’s managing editor, Harvey Levin, for tarnishing his sister’s legacy. He called for a boycott of the outlet.

“As long as you’ve known me, Harvey, I’ve been respectful, I’ve been cordial, I been polite, I been kind, I been fair. You just burned that bridge,” the rapper said. “I hope your story was worth it. You just burned a bridge. To not just me, but everybody around me. All my family. Anybody who stand with me, anybody who stood with Precious … will not stand with you.”

TMZ published a retraction, calling their article and past headline “inappropriate and wrong.” They apologized to T.I. and the Harris family in an unprecedented response.

“Earlier Thursday, we posted a story about T.I.’s sister, Precious Harris Chapman, and reported the Medical Examiner’s official findings on her cause of death … we were wrong to do it,” TMZ said. “T.I. and his family are hurt and furious, and they have a point.”

The media outlet went on to highlight Precious’ legacy and contributions to the community, including her work with the organizations Saving Our Daughters, Hosea Feed the Hungry and her own early education initiative, The Precious Academy.

TMZ concluded: “We got this wrong and we regret posting the M.E.’s findings.”

USA TODAY has reached out to T.I.’s rep for comment.

Vivica A. Fox and Lifetime Movie Network Have Your Summer Covered With a Whole Bunch of Wrong Movies

Vivica A. Fox


If loving Vivica A. Fox‘s Lifetime movies is wrong, we don’t want to be right. The Independence Day star is basically taking over Lifetime Movie Network, Lifetime’s sister site, in July with four new movies in the Wrong film franchise. Fox is starring in and producing four new movies coming to LMN starting Friday, July 5 at 8 p.m.

Fox previously starred in a number of Wrong movies, including The Wrong Friend, The Wrong Cruise, The Wrong Man, The Wrong Crush, The Wrong Student and The Wrong Child.

Coming up, she has The Wrong Stepmother, The Wrong Boy Next Door, The Wrong Mommy and The Wrong Tutor. Jackée Harry also stars in The Wrong Tutor and Eric Roberts stars in The Wrong Mommy. Get a breakdown of the new movies below.



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A Christian directly stated, “If my child becomes gay, that will be ok with me. That is his choice since it what he wants to be. I will be a support.” A Columbia University psychiatry professor in New York, Dr. Robert L. Spitzer said, “His study consist of extensive interview, demonstrates that people can change. He spoke with former homosexuals ( men and women) who have changed, and many of these people are now in heterosexual relationships.” The homosexual community despises any suggestion that individuals can take responsibility of their sexual behavior. Their claim is that a person does not choose his sexual orientation- a position they can not defend. With all the confusion about human sexuality, consider what God, Creator of man and woman, says.

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Jay-Z is first hip-hop artist to become a billionaire, Forbes reports

Jay-Z just joined an elite club of entertainers who have hit billionaire status — and he’s the first hip-hop artist to do so. Forbes says the rapper’s art, real estate, liquor and other investments, along with his entertainment industry earnings, have accumulated into “a fortune that conservatively totals $1 billion.” The 49-year-old’s journey from young drug dealer to mega-mogul spans decades and includes numerous record and business deals.

Jay-Z, whose real name is Shaw Carter, grew up in the Marcy housing projects in Brooklyn, New York. After gaining success as a rapper, he created his own label, Roc-A-Fella Records, signing about 50 artists to its roster. A clothing line, Rocawear, and a sports management company shortly followed.

The billionaire businessman and rapper Jay-Z is married to Beyoncé, who holds her own when it comes to net worth. She has amassed about $355 million, according to Forbes. Getty

While Jay-Z, a father of three with his superstar wife Beyoncé, is one of the wealthiest entertainers in the U.S., a good chunk of his money comes from other business endeavors. Forbes determined his net worth by calculating the combined value of his businesses and investments. His Ace of Spades champagne, D’Usse cognac, investment in Uber, Tidal streaming service, art collection and three homes all contribute pieces of the billion-dollar pie.